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PTA ( Parent Teacher Association )

  • To encourage parents, guardians and teachers to support and foster activities for the benefits of the students.
  • To coordinate the spiritual, cultural and disciplinary forces of the home and college in a manner calculated to aid the development of student.
  • To assist the Administration and staff in anything deemed necessary to promote the betterment of the college.
  • To promote the esteem of the college in the eyes of the pupils, parents and public.
  • To facilitate the exchange of views between the Administration & Teaching Staff of the college and the Parents and Guardians of students attending the college.
  • To raise funds for the benefit of the Association, the college or the students attending the college.

The PTA was formed in 2016 after a general body meeting and election, they completed their 2 year term and in 2018 new members were elected.

List of the office bearers are as follows:-

Sl. No Name Designation
1. Mr.M M Varghese Management Representative
2. Prof K S Sharad Principal
3. Mr.Jacob Itty P T A President
4. Mr.Thomas A Vice President
5. Mr.S Manivannan Secretary
6. Mrs.Deepthy R Joint Secretary
7. Mrs.Divya S Treasurer
8. Mr.Swamidasan K R Batch Representative 1st year
9. Mrs.Nejuma M Batch Representative 2nd  year
10. Mr.S Susheelan Batch Representative 3rd   year
11. Mr.Jijo Joseph Batch Representative 4th  year
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