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College Union

SPA stands for Student Physiotherapy Association. SPA which is functioning under the authority granted by the management of the college helps to promote social and professional responsibilities in development of conduct of the student. It is also committed to act with integrity, to honor the rights and dignity of all individuals and to pursue a quest for excellence in professional activities.


  • To the committee, through the service.
  • To upgrade physiotherapy as a boon to the medical profession.
  • Revitalizing and promoting culture.


  • The purpose of the student physiotherapy Association is to foster interest, participation, and a positive career attitude toward Physiotherapy.
  • Physiotherapy awareness is brought to the college and community by participating in college activities and community service.
  • To foster a spirit of cooperation among students and faculty.
  • To promote and encourage activities for the best interest of the College.
  • To develop good citizens and leaders through experience in government
  • Contribute to the overall functioning of the College
  • Encourage participation in cultural, organizational, community, social and religious activities.
  • Promote student-faculty collaboration.
  • Identify and cultivate leadership abilities of individual students.
  • Encourage a sense of loyalty of all students to one another to the College.
  • The SPA will act with integrity and loyalty to members at all times.
  • SPA ensures extended serving hand to the society irrespective of cast and creed.
  • SPA Play active role to control the mal practice in the field of physiotherapy treatment

Future Projects

  • Inter college quiz competition.
  • State Physiotherapy student’s conference.
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